Auto Window Tinting

When deciding which car window tinting company is right for, there are several factors to consider. Of primary importance is assurance that adding privacy window film to your vehicle is the quality of installation. While do-it-yourself kits are avaialable, chances are those projects end up with window tint that changes color, bubbling and peeling.

When you want a professional car window tinting, we have the expertise and experience to deliver your vehicle to you with window tinting that meets and beats your expectations.

Automotive window is what we do best. When you want privacy film, protection from excessive heat and UV rays, or simply want to change the appearance of your car, aftermarket window tinting is a service we provide that is affordable, guaranteed and professional.

A1 Auto Glass is one of the best car window tinting companies in San Diego. Backed by years of experience and innovative procedures, you can trust to provide exceptional service.

We Use Computer-Cut Tint for Perfect Results

We use computer-cut tint for all of our auto window installations.  Historically, window tint experts used a blade to cut out the outline of your window while on the vehicle. While cutting tint by hand is effective, computer-cut tint will provide much better results.

We Don’t Use Your Vehicle as a Cutting Board

Using a knife to cut out window tint while the tint is on the vehicle creates the possibility of rubber seals being cut, and other damage to the window. Rather than take these risks, we use a computer plotter printer to cut out pre-designed templates that match your vehicles window shape to perfection.

See the Experts at A1 Auto Glass

We are more than happy to show you all of the available options when it comes to auto window tinting. We want you to join the thousands of other customers that left our shop satisfied with the results.